Thursday, June 21, 2012

Preservation and restoration of your family treasures

Let’s talk a little bit of conservation of your family heirlooms!

If you read my profile you probably noticed that I’m also an artist, besides my background in Museology and Art History. I love to express my inner self through acrylics and, specially, watercolors.


At certain point in my life I decided to work in the preservation and restoration field. It was easy to decide that I want to work with books as I love them since I was a little girl. Also, I could use my artist skills of over 20 years and my academic background to help people preserve their precious family treasures and books for the generations to come.


The last 30 years of my life was dedicated to study arts, art history, preservation and conservation. A few years ago I started using my art background to restore old books, family bibles and documents. Working with these family gems provides me with a great deal of gratification, challenge and excitement since it invites me to participate in the history portrayed by each book or manuscript, and the techniques utilized by that specific time period and culture.

The book restoration process depends on a series of characteristics presented by the book. First of all, is the thorough analysis of the book’s history and structure for this will determine which methods will be utilized when putting the book pieces together at the end.

Below a graphic, made by my daughter, explaining the steps I use in book restoration and a little bit of my work:

Last but not least, through my lenses, book restoration and conservation goes beyond the techniques utilized and the process of taking a book apart and placing it back together, it gives me the opportunity to immerse in a different time and experience the stories told by people all over the world!

Visit my site on Conservation and Restoration:

Triad Bookbinding

Below you have two links where you can buy archival materials to store your documents, books and photos. If you need any help in a custom project, just let me know I will be more than happy to help you:

Archival Inc.

University Products

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

40 Top Genealogy Blogs - Around the World in 40 Blogs

I'm so happy that my blog was selected to represent one of the 40 Top Genealogy Blogs International from Family Tree Magazine!

I've been trying to do my best in helping others to find their relatives in Brazil while I research my ancestors! Every comment is welcome and I will be more than happy to help others not only with tips on where to research, but as well as restoring their family heirlooms, like books, family bibles, documents and translations whenever is needed.

Thank you, Family Tree Magazine! 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Ship Manifest, a Passport, and a Newspaper in your research

My great grandfather, Francisco Machado Drummond, grandson of Francisco Ferreira Drummond, the historian from São Sebastião, Terceira Island – Azores, came to Rio de Janeiro with his second wife and son of six months, on the year of 1883. Having a copy of their passport in my hands I was able to know that they were travelling around the months of June or July of that year as the ticket’s receipt was attached to his passport.

I decided to find more about my great grandfather and his arrival in Brazil, so the best place to do my research was using the Arquivo Nacional online database, this is the National Archives of Brazil. If I could find the ship manifest with his name and his family it would be great. The Arquivo Nacional has a large database on Portuguese immigration and is always updating it with more records.

After looking on some steamers arrivals at that time, I finally found the ship they travelled to Brazil, the Lissabon, from the SÜDAMERIKANISCHEN DAMPFSCHIFFAHRTS GESSELSCHAFT After downloading the pdf to my computer, I took a careful look on the manifest and was able to find the date of arrival, July 8th 1893, the commandant’s name, Holm, and extensive list of 363 passengers, all in 3rd class. Although the ship steamer had 2nd and 1st class, if there were passengers there, they didn’t list them, I don't know why. No death took place during the trip and all arrived in good condition.

You will be able to find other companies that traveled to South America researching on this website that list all companies and their steamers. It is a huge work accomplished by, its in spanish. Click here to see the general index of all ships.

The newspapers of that time usually had information on what was happening on the Ports of Brazil, and knowing that the main library in Brazil, the Biblioteca Nacional, has them digitized and fully researchable my next step was finding the ones with the approximate date of the ship’s arrival. I not only found the one of my interest but got some new information - the names of other passengers that were not listed on the Ship Manifest besides the ones of the 3rd class. I don’t know why they did not list those passengers on the manifest, but they probably were travelling on the 1st and/or 2nd class. The number of days the ship took from São Miguel to Rio de Janeiro - 16 of a total of 27 days. The newspaper also has a list of all the ships that were arriving on that day besides the Lissabon, as well as other ones that were expected to arrive on the next couple of days.

I learned that we really need to go as further as possible in our research, searching all kinds of sources because when we less expect we can find something new that can lead us to unexpected discoveries!

Detail of "O Pais - Domingo,  9 de Julho de 1893"

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Old Steamers Ads

Researching the digital archives of Biblioteca Nacional - - I found some ads from companies that were travelling between Europe and South America at Gazeta de Noticias newspaper. Those ads are a constant in the editions that I searched between the years of 1880 and 1899. These ones are of 9 March 1887 edition. You will find the cities where they stop besides the final destination and the departure date; on some you will also see the price of those tickets. The Norddeutscher Lloyd was one companies that traveled constantly to Brazil

Below we have a specific ad that stops at the Azores Island, one of my interests as my family from my mother’s side is from Terceira Island.  If they had enough passengers to bring to Brazil on their way back they made the stop there. They also mention special conditions for those who are coming as colonists. I believe it’s about their price; they may have a special rate for those who were coming to settle.

Hamburgo Sudamerikanische Dampfschiff-fahrts-Gesellschall
The steamers of these lines leaves to 
Bahia, Lisboa and Hamburgo
 on the 5, 13, 20 and 27 of each month.
Coming back from Hamburgo
Azores Island
if there are enough passengers
 Excellent accommodations for the first class passengers.
Special conditions for those who are colonist.


Friday, June 15, 2012

Newspaper Research in Brazil

Rio de Janeiro has one of the most beautiful libraries in the world, the Biblioteca Nacional-

It is considered by UNESCO one of the tenth libraries in the world and the biggest in South America. Part of it is digitized and available on line for research.  You will find books, photos and newspapers from many states of Brazil. It’s precious for us doing genealogy.

What I most use is the newspaper database that is available on the following link and it’s fully researchable.

What I like most is that we can also save the images that are significant for our research.  I already found some nice references from the XIX century and some of my family members.

I wish the web site were both in Portuguese and English.