Saturday, February 18, 2012

Immigration in Brazil II

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In January 2011 the Public Archives of the State of São Paulo started a project involving the immigration in State of São Paulo together with the Museu da Imigração. The result of this effort is an amazing online database of images available to the public which involves “documental organization, interventions of conservation and preservation, digitization and processing of digital images”.

Swiss immigrants boarding at Genova Port, in Italy, to Brazil, in 1898. Photo from the descendants of Sta Laudicéia Schutz and now at the Museu da Imigração digital archives.

"Call Letters: About 32 000 documents that declared security aid to immigrants wishing to join the family already established in Brazil. The forms and letters facilitated the entry of immigrants who came to work in the country, for proving the existence of a charge for the cost of tickets and food. 

Record enrollment: Documentation that proves the passage of the immigrant hostel. Through the last name you can find information regarding the date of arrival, age, family, and others. The page of the book contained the record can be viewed in digital format. 

Cartography: Set of maps and plans of colonial settlements, lots, farms, buildings and the Inn of immigrants, accounting for more than 2,800 files. 

Iconographic: Research that provides about eight thousand documents that make up the collection of images. Among the materials, are portraits of immigrants, postcards and photographs.

Requirements of the Secretary of Agriculture, Commerce and Public Works (SACOP): Documents made ​​by immigrants seeking to obtain a refund for transport costs to the arrival in Brazil. Some of these applications requesting advance tickets or served to account for advances. 

Newspapers: Provides more than two thousand editions of newspapers in the colonies of immigrants in Brazil, published between the years 1886 and 1987. Most titles are in the mother tongue of the immigrant group to which the publication was directed. The issues pertain to the collection of the Public Archives of the State of São Paulo, Instituto Italiano di Cultura of São Paulo Institute of History and Geography of Sao Paulo."

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Adriana's Birthday 19 Feb 1904

Today was my maternal grand aunt Adriana’s birthday. She was much more than a grand aunt, I can say she was my grandmother.

Adriana’s sister, Leonor, my real grandmother died very young when my mother was only 5 years old. Adriana took care of my mother as her own daughter. We had a very special connection since I was a child. I was 17 years old when she died in 1976 and until today I remember how sweet and caring she was.

Adriana was the youngest daughter of Thereza Lopes and Francisco Machado Drummond. On this photo she appears with my mother, Maria Thereza.  I believe she was about 6 years old. The photo has no date but I can say it's around 1934, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.