Sunday, April 14, 2013

The House of Francisco Ferreira Drummond, in Vila de São Sebastião

It was a Saturday morning, March 9th.2013, when I first visited the house of Francisco Ferreira Drummond. He was a historian, palaeograph, musician and politician, author of Anais da Ilha Terceira as well as Apontamentos para a História dos Açores.

The house where he lived was restored to serve as a small community museum and is situated just a few steps from the Igreja Matriz da Vila de São Sebastião, and besides to the Igreja da Santa Casa de Misericórdia.  The house preserves Ferreira Drummond's memories as well as the memories of Terceira Island, making the house a live place for visitors and local schools.

Francisco F. Drummond's house
The house-museum is very well maintained by the Provedor da Santa Casa de Misericórdia, Mr. Paulo Gonçalves de Melo and his wife. They have been effortless doing things for this small cultural center, not only taking care of it but as well as donating pieces of furniture and small objects from their family that characterizes the Azores culture and the local community. Throughout the house you can see their dedication.

Main hall of the house, with the kitchen at the end.

Local ceramic in the kitchen.
I was blessed, due to the circumstance, to have met Mr. Paulo on the street beside the house, on that Saturday. While I was walking by, I realized it was closed and I became so frustrated. He was close by, with some other people, and came to talk to me, introduced himself, kindly opened the house and made a tour with me to make all the story short. At the end of our conversation, he gave me a copy of my 3rd. great grandfather's book Apontamentos Topográficos, Políticos, Civis e Ecclesiásticos para a História das Nove Ilhas dos Açores. That day, Mr. Paulo was placed  there by my ancestors, I’m sure he was and I will never forget it.

Mr Paulo Gonçalves Melo, Provedor da Santa Casa
Entrance of house.


  1. Thanks for sharing your visit. I enjoyed seeing the interior shots of the home. My mom was from Sao Jorge.

    1. You are very welcome, Les. Some days I was able to see São Jorge far away on the horizon, and even Pico. I will continue to post other photos, I invite you to come back and check. All the best.

    2. Hello we are cousins lol. I'm also a direct descendant of Francisco Ferreira Drumond (his name only had 1 "m" not 2 ;-) ). I still live in S. Sebastião in Terceira close to where my ancestors once lived. It's always nice to see people that have that connection and are descents of one of the 11 grandson's of Francisco Ferreira Drumond...nice to meet you :)


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      Hi Rita, I am very glad we are connected by Francisco Ferreira Drummond/Drummond. I have been using two mm's in Drummond because he, Francisco, was used to sign his name with two mm's. If you click here you will see his signature in a manuscript kept by Angra Library:
      I love S. Sebastião and I am planning to visit again next year. If you send me an email I will be glad to keep contact and learn more about you and from which of the 13 children Adriana Emilia and João Machado Valadão you descend from. Looking forward to hear from you. Pode escrever em Português que também é minha língua nativa :)

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  3. Fico contente pela tua mensagem e peço desculpa por não ter respondido mais cedo eu não uso esta conta muitas vezes, tens razão no diz respeito à maneira como se escreve Drummond, eu tinha tanta certeza que só se usava um "m" mas estava errada... até na escola local com o nome dele, o Drummond está escrito com 2 ms... estava eu aqui a corrigir a profissional 😶😅 obrigado pela tua simpatia e fico contente por te ter conhecido

    1. Rita, me envie seu email para myportuguesegen @ gmail ponto com, quero manter contato com voce e a familia em Sao Sebastião. Ano que vem estarei indo visitar a Terceira e adoraria estar com todos. Um abraço,


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