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Arquivo Regional da Madeira

Click here to open another page on an useful map information on Concelhos (municipalities) and Freguesias (parishes).

Link to the main archives (marriages, baptisms, passports and others):

National Geographic Society
Madeira Regional Archives has enlarged its databases with judicial proceedings which include 26 869 crime and civil suits (with obligatory inventory records) from 1688 until 2001.

All the baptismal records of Porto Santo (until 1911), parishes of São Martinho (1860 to 1911), Santo António (1894 to 1910), São Roque (1860 to 1911), Monte (1894 to 1911), Santa Luzia, Sé e São Pedro (1894 to 1911). Total: 42.460 records.

The book Antroponímia primitiva da Madeira by Nunes & Kremeris a relevant study about the names and surnames found in records from the Madeira island archives (XV and XVI). It is an incredible resource for genealogy, history and culture with several bibliographical references. Google books offer a limited view, but worth viewing.


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