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National Archives in Cabo Verde

The parish records includes baptisms, marriages and deaths. Requesting information and documents is possible on the link below:

Family Search for Cabo Verde
Catholic Church records created by parishes on the islands of Cape Verde. These records include: baptisms, marriages, and deaths. Additional images will be published as they become available. These records are housed at the Arquivo Nacional de Cabo Verde.


Family Search for Goa records
Archdiocese of Goa, Roman Catholic Priesthood Candidates, 1724-1996
Dossiers of candidates for appointment to and advancement in the Roman Catholic priesthood in the Archdiocese of Goa, India. A dossier includes affidavits of worthiness, certifications of parentage, baptism, completion of studies, and other documents. Original records located in the Archive of the Archdiocese in Panaji, Goa, India.



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